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ly more resolute and decisive than he had in the past four games! ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????西安夜网论坛 ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Anthony held the ball again. This time he chose to attack Ariza head-on and made a dry jumper after shaking, but Ariza’s long arm interfered. “Dang!” He started to strike continuously! At this time, the Los Angeles fans who watched… Read More »


nts behind the top Bayern Munich, but now there is a gap of two points again. As long as Dortmund can hold the current score, they can continue to maintain pressure on Bayern Munich. But Wolfsburg is not the kind that is willing to give up easily. Now they are only one goal behind, not… Read More »


offense, but defense. To be precise, it is a defense against Kobe! The Zen master thought that without Gasol, Yao Ming could bomb the low position wantonly. As a result, Wayne’s defensive ability in the low post was surprising. Yao Ming did not take advantage of Wayne on several offenses. So, after going around, I… Read More »


ith one hand and makes a long pass near the midfield line before he yells. “Steven!” Curry received the basketball as Wei Ge yelled. Just now, his mistakes ruined the entire game. Tonight, he would have been ruthlessly destroyed by Kobe again. But his teammates, Tony and Wayne who chased wildly, won him the chance… Read More »